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An introduction to Sabisu Actions

Watch the video below for a step by step guide:

What are Sabisu Actions

Sabisu Actions are available both on the platform and on mobile devices and aim to reduce the workload involved in getting work done. They’re integral to your processes, so anything that makes creating and managing actions easier reduces overhead for everyone.

With Sabisu Actions you are able to do the following:

  • Create actions, these can be a one off action or it can be scheduled to repeat
  • Upload files, any file type can be uploaded
  • Assign an action, this can be assigned to your colleagues, yourself or a community
  • Add categories and tags, this makes the actions easier to find and groups similar actions together
  • Assign a priority and importance level. Prioritise your actions with high, medium or low priority/importance
  • View actions reports, keep a track on actions you’ve raised, those assigned to you and those assigned to a community
  • Reminder emails when your actions are due, allowing you to update progress, status and complete easily & quickly from a link in your emails

How to use Actions

Actions can be created in 3 different ways:

  • Click the “Create New” button in the top right corner of Sabisu

actions update wiki

  • Add an Action to a note

add action to note update wiki

  • Use the Actions Portal

how to use actions

Where Next

Sabisu Actions also link in to Sabisu Flow, which enables you to set up a chain of actions and create a workflow for a task like an Audit which needs to be repeated on a weekly/monthly or yearly basis.

Sabisu Capture is embedded into Sabisu Actions and allows you to create a simple form for yourself or another user to collect data in fields defined by you. For example you could create a Capture for Plant Readings such as furnace temperatures or pressures, or you could build an audit form or risk assessment.

How To: Create a new Action 

Need Help?

  • Send an email to support@sabisu.co
  • Search the blog and wiki
  • Chat to one of our support team online