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Category: Analytics

Series Histogram

This analytic shows a histogram for each series in the chart. The histogram shows the relative frequencies for groups of values within the data, and provides a way to visualise the distribution of the data.

Project Analytics

Sabisu provides a wide range of analytics for project controls. These analytics process project progress curves such as the one below. Each analytic requires the “baseline” and “actual” progress data to be specified, some of the earned value metrics also require cost values for each reporting period. Earned Value Measures . . . Read more

Time Series Forecasting

The Time Series Forecasting analytic gives a projection of future behaviour for each series in a chart. Simply add the analytic through Widget Working View and enable it to see the projection including upper and lower bounds. The image above shows the output of the analytic for a typical chart. . . . Read more

Feature Identification

Machine Learning identifies features more reliably than other methods with fewer false positives/negatives; ideal when trying to find recurring behaviour which needs early action, e.g., asset failures, golden batches, repeated maintenance, non-conformances. Feature identification is available in Sabisu through Events, and can be used to both find historical occurrences of . . . Read more

Event Interrogation & Batch Analysis

Sabisu Events are a great way to mark sections of data that are of interest. This could be a one-off occurrence, or a repeated feature such as a specific type of batch. Events can be marked manually in a chart or automatically using either Pipelines. Marking Events Manually Triggering Events from . . . Read more

Sabisu Analytics List

These are all of the analytics available in the Analytics Store. Analytic Category Description Anomaly Detection Feature Detection Find abnormal behaviour in time series data. Consecutive Points Pattern Matching Highlight any sections of data that have more than a specified number of points above or below a given set-point consecutively. . . . Read more

Getting Analytics Ready for the Store

Analytics are called from Sabisu using a RESTful web API, allowing them to be run on a separate resource anywhere in the world. This allows high performance scalable machines to be used for intensive number crunching, as well as the easy integration of third part analytics into the platform. To . . . Read more