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Category: Community Pages

How To: Find a Commmunity

To find a community in Sabisu navigate to the community hub using the tab menu in the top left corner of Sabisu. Once there you can either scroll through to find the community you are looking for or you can search for a community. If you’re not yet a member . . . Read more

How To: Join a community

To join a community you are not yet a member of you can search for it in the Community Portal and then send a joining request, watch the video below to see how to do this. Your request will then be sent through to the admin for approval.

How To- Delete a Community page

Within Sabisu, you may occasionally want to remove a page from a Community – an action that we have tried to make as easy as possible. Below is an image of “Overview”, which is a Community page for “Poiltry Integrated Reporting”. If we just wanted to remove this Page from . . . Read more

Community Portal

Overview Communities are collections of users, usually belonging to certain companies. A community will usually contain events, pages and notes regarding relevant information for that company. The community portal is accessed from the header bar from any location within Sabisu. Figure 1. The community drop-down Within the Community Drop-down menu, . . . Read more

How To- Create a new Community

Communities make it really easy to securely share your business data and collaborate with your colleagues, customers and suppliers. Anyone can create a new Community in Sabisu for any reason but usually communities form around shared interests, new business initiatives or business processes. If a community has an Administrator then . . . Read more


Communities Community Pages are an important part of the Workplace. To understand them it is necessary to understand the nature of Communities within Sabisu. ‘Communities’ are self-organising groups of users, typically managed by end-users (though centralized administration is also possible) and are usually created in response to a new business . . . Read more