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Category: How To

How To: Use Case Statements

Case Statements Case Statements can be used to further manipulate data and change how it is presented for example the below table shows some Actions and states whether they are overdue or not with a simple Yes or No. You need to report on how many Actions are Overdue but . . . Read more

How To: Lock cells in your Excel worksheet

Spreadsheets are a major part of many people’s working day and Sabisu Go is fast becoming an integral tool that enables you to easily share data from your spreadsheets with your team. For people involved in managing major capital projects in the oil & gas sector, where you need to . . . Read more

How To: Choose the right KPIs

We have lots of experience with implementing Sabisu, so what follows is a distillation of what we’ve learned about choosing the right KPIs. It’s generic advice but we think it works pretty well. If a breach carries no impact, it’s not a KPIWe tie everything back to a bottom-line impact; a . . . Read more

How To: Get a dedicated Sabisu cloud server

We’re really pleased to bring you an exciting new feature which enables you to request your own dedicated Sabisu server. Using Amazon Web Services we can implement your new server within 24 hours of your request. As we described in our recent blog post there are some great reasons for implementing . . . Read more

How To: Easily report on your Flow application

Sabisu Flow allows you to create your own workflow application in a few minutes. As you’d expect from a platform with reporting at it’s core, you can now build reports from your Flow applications using Sabisu Pipelines. It’s 100% self-service; anyone can build out a workflow, invite users and implement analytics, r. . . . Read more

How To: Switch on Beta Test Mode

We’re constantly looking to improve the platform but before we release new updates or features we send them to our Beta Test Group so they can test the features and provide us with valuable feedback. If this is something you’d like to do so you get the first look at . . . Read more

How to: Use Pages and Widgets

What are Insights Pages A Page is a place where you can build up and create your own dashboard using widgets and notes, which can then be shared out with a Community for others to collaborate and view. There are two types of pages in the Insights Platform: Personal Page . . . Read more

How To: Use Capture within Flow and Actions

What is Capture? Capture is a tool, currently held in Flow and Actions, that allows you collect extra information when people are completing tasks. When a Capture Form has been configured, it’ll be displayed to any user completing the action, where they can then enter any values you’d like to . . . Read more

How To: Add a new Premise Administrator

As a Premise Administrator, you can create Data Connectors, Query Templates, and have access to other useful tools that are helpful in accessing data and creating widgets. Giving users access to the Premise Administration is very quick and easy. Click the user icon in the top-right of your screen and . . . Read more

How To: Use Widget Templates

Widget Templates are an easy way to ensure that your most important data is displayed in a consistent and …?? The Widget Builder allows you to create Widget templates for use within the Pipeline Directory. To learn more about the Pipeline Directory, click here. A Widget Template allows you to create . . . Read more