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Category: Introduction to Sabisu

Presentations introducing Sabisu

The following presentations are often used to introduce Sabisu to new users & customers. They are short and at a high level, outlining the reasons Sabisu was created and the key capabilities of the platform. Sabisu for Operating Assets Sabisu for Capital Projects These presentations are copyright Sabisu 2018. Drop . . . Read more

An introduction to Sabisu Pipelines

What are Sabisu Pipelines Sabisu Pipelines simplify complex data exploitation, report generation and analytics, so that anyone can get value out of their data. For example, end-users can easily configure: New reports shared onto Community dashboards 24/7 monitoring & alerting of key process/project metrics and KPIs Automated responses, e.g., alerting . . . Read more

An introduction to Sabisu Communities

What are Sabisu Communities? Sabisu Communities are the cornerstone of Sabisu, they underpin the security and dictate how you share information in the Sabisu Platform. Communities exist throughout your organisation already; they are formed in response to business initiatives, around projects or around operational processes. They are loose social groupings . . . Read more

Getting started with Sabisu

Watch the video below for a step by step guide: Using Sabisu Chat     What is Sabisu?  Sabisu is an analytics and workflow platform deployed globally within the oil & gas, petrochemicals and chemicals manufacturing sectors. Sabisu has a long history of simplifying and integrating the most complex, disconnected . . . Read more

An introduction to Sabisu Actions

Watch the video below for a step by step guide: What are Sabisu Actions Sabisu Actions are available both on the platform and on mobile devices and aim to reduce the workload involved in getting work done. They’re integral to your processes, so anything that makes creating and managing actions easier . . . Read more

Rollback Calendar

Overview The Rollback Calendar within the Sabisu Platform is located within the Header bar. It can be access by clicking the ‘clock’ icon, next to search. Figure 1. Rollback Calendar Upon opening the calendar for the first time, it will show you today’s date within the context of the current . . . Read more

Publication Versioning

Overview Publication Versioning allows you to upload a new version of a file, updating all data contained, whilst still retaining access to the previous versions of the file. This allows you to rollback to a certain point in time and view the data from that date. Versioning When a new . . . Read more

Community Portal

Overview Communities are collections of users, usually belonging to certain companies. A community will usually contain events, pages and notes regarding relevant information for that company. The community portal is accessed from the header bar from any location within Sabisu. Figure 1. The community drop-down Within the Community Drop-down menu, . . . Read more