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Category: Pipelines

Getting started with Pipelines

Building out your own reports is really simple in Insights. In this intro, we’re going to walk through building your first widget using a Risk Management Workflow as our data source to help get you started. Opening Pipelines Pipelines can be accessed from the platform navigation at the top left . . . Read more

How To: Pipeline Directory

What is the Pipeline Directory? The Pipeline Directory is a quick and easy way to create outputs for your data. Whether to produce widgets, triggers, to kick off a process or all of these, Pipelines provides versatile functionality for you to accomplish this. With the ability to import the data . . . Read more

Creating a Pipeline using process historian data

Creating a Pipeline using process historian data such as IP.21 or PI is very easy. From your existing or new Pipeline, simply select the ‘+’ in the Data lane and select the Sabisu Data Object for your historian server. This will allow you to choose tags or calculations from your . . . Read more

How To: Create a Pipeline

To create a new pipeline you first need to make sure you are on the page you wish to add a pipeline widget to, this may mean you need to create a new page or a new workplace.  Navigate to The Pipeline Directory in the menu in the top left . . . Read more