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Category: Premise Administration

How To: Add a new Premise Administrator

As a Premise Administrator, you can create Data Connectors, Query Templates, and have access to other useful tools that are helpful in accessing data and creating widgets. Giving users access to the Premise Administration is very quick and easy. Click the user icon in the top-right of your screen and . . . Read more

Premise Administration: Change Log

As a Premise Administrator, you are able to view an audit trail of all of the changes made by the Premise Administrators. This feature allows you to see: Who has made changes, What type of changes have been made, When a change was made. To access this feature, click the . . . Read more

Premise Administration: Event Viewer

As a Premise Administrator, you will have access to the Event Viewer. The Event Viewer holds a historic log of the Premise Server, which updates in real-time, this therefore can be very helpful in debugging and viewing any issues your users are having. To access this feature, click the user . . . Read more