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Category: Products

Sabisu and ISA-95

ISA-95 is the international standard for developing an automated interface between enterprise and control systems. Every automation software vendor subscribes to this model as it covers all industries and process types. As always, Wikipedia is a pretty good place to start in finding out more about ISA-95 as is the . . . Read more

KPI Management – RAG Status Calculation Guide

Rag Status RAG (Grey,Red,Amber,Green) is a colour coded calculation to show the status of a KPI based on predefined metrics. Grey represents a metric with no data. Red is far from the target. Amber close to the target. Green represents anything at, or beyond, the target. Target Value The target . . . Read more


Sabisu is available as an HTML 5 web application rather than a native OS application. This is because: The Sabisu philosophy is to not be OS specific where possible Sabisu uses open standards to ensure the Sabisu code-base is as maintainable as possible, enabling us to make changes for all clients . . . Read more