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Category: Product Overview

KPI Management – RAG Status Calculation Guide

Rag Status RAG (Grey,Red,Amber,Green) is a colour coded calculation to show the status of a KPI based on predefined metrics. Grey represents a metric with no data. Red is far from the target. Amber close to the target. Green represents anything at, or beyond, the target. Target Value The target . . . Read more


Sabisu is available as an HTML 5 web application rather than a native OS application. This is because: The Sabisu philosophy is to not be OS specific where possible Sabisu uses open standards to ensure the Sabisu code-base is as maintainable as possible, enabling us to make changes for all clients . . . Read more


Communities Community Pages are an important part of the Workplace. To understand them it is necessary to understand the nature of Communities within Sabisu. ‘Communities’ are self-organising groups of users, typically managed by end-users (though centralized administration is also possible) and are usually created in response to a new business . . . Read more