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Release Notes 13/04/2020

New Features/Modifications #10091,Data Uploads: Improving the performance of Data Uploads and Pipelines consuming and processing big data. Defect Remediation #10112, Export to excel rearranging columns: Fixed Export to Excel rearranging columns

Release Notes 08/04/2019

Release notes are below for the next Sabisu release on 08th April 2019. All of these items are available to use on the Sabisu QA environment. Each entry should give a description of the work and where it is in the application. Features #9004 – You can now select a . . . Read more

Release Notes 11/02/2019

New Features #8922 – Error messages have been updated for widget so they now say what the specific problem is e.g. no data found, you do not have permission, invalid data source etc. The error includes additional information which can support in resolving the issue. #8926 – When a Community . . . Read more

Release Notes 15/10/2018

New Features #8480 – When filters are applied to your data in the Pipeline acquisition step, we now display a filter icon on the column header when a filter has been applied. #8533 – KPIs now always show their latest value. An icon is displays against the KPI if it . . . Read more

How To: Create a Workflow App

An Introduction to Workflows As the trend towards digitisation (digitalisation?) in oil & gas builds momentum our customers and competitors are realising something we’ve always known: they’re missing self-service. Without self-service implementation costs soar as digitisation initiatives turn into expensive IT development programs. Not with Insights. Self-service has always been . . . Read more