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Category: White Papers

Sabisu – Executive Introduction

Sabisu is the world’s first and only digital workspace for industrial environments. This white paper discusses exactly what that means and how the platform benefits customers. Key topics include: What is Sabisu? Typical customers How Sabisu addresses the root causes of customer problems Key capabilities of the digital workspace Download . . . Read more

White Paper: Discrete Iterative Curve Alignment

Curve alignment is a technique that can be used to find the optimal linear transformation between two datasets. This can provide information about the differences/similarities in the datasets by calculating the time shift and stretch between them. Comparisons of this type are often used to compare performance between different periods in time (e.g. between . . . Read more

White Paper: Spiral Chart Visualisation

A Cartesian time series plot is one of the most common ways to represent data. The detection of peaks and troughs in this data can often provide important information such as the portion of the year when production was highest or overheads were lowest. It is often benefi cial to locate . . . Read more

White Paper: Sabisu and Sharepoint

Sabisu and SharePoint are both powerful platforms for delivering solutions, each with specific areas of strength. They also make a great team DOWNLOAD HERE This white paper addresses some of the common questions we’re asked about Sabisu and SharePoint. As both are powerful development platforms it’s helpful to clearly set . . . Read more