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Getting started with Sabisu

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Using Sabisu Chat



What is Sabisu?

 Sabisu is an analytics and workflow platform deployed globally within the oil & gas, petrochemicals and chemicals manufacturing sectors.

Sabisu has a long history of simplifying and integrating the most complex, disconnected and vital processes. We’ve pioneered the use of intrinsically safe mobile devices. We were first to integrate process data into EHSS metrics, where  Sabisu builds a true picture of compliance across even the most complex processes, from data capture to real-time reporting using process data. Our Logistics work harmonises workflows from intrinsically safe mobile devices on the front line to complex management analytics.

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What to expect as a new user

Once you’ve logged in to Sabisu for the first time, we will guide you through setting up your account and give you a basic overview of some of the key functionality

You’ll need to:

  • Upload a profile picture (to make you easier to find)
  • State what organisation you’re part of
  • Enter a Job Title (we can recommend Communities relevant to your role)
  • Sign up for Training (available on a 1:1 basis either face 2 face or over Web)

Where next

Settings & Help

Once you’ve got started with Sabisu you can change your settings and get help from the settings menu, located in the top right corner of Sabisu. From here you’ll find:

  • Profile Settings (Update your password, change your profile picture, select a theme)
  • Sabisu Live Help (use Sabisu chat to contact one of the developers if you have a problem with the platform)
  • Sabisu Wiki (this will take you to the knowledge base where you can find how to guides)
  • Sabisu Blog & Release Notes (this is where you’ll find out about the latest release’s and other Sabisu news)
  • Email support if you need any further training or help


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