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How To: Use Sabisu Flow

What is Sabisu Flow?

Sabisu Flow is a tool within Sabisu that allows the user to create a set of Actions that must be completed in a certain order. Collectively these are known as a process, and any process can be run an infinite number of times

Sabisu Flow can be found from the Sabisu Toolkit, under Processes.

FlowForUser - Open


How to create a Flow Process

Once you are in the Processes section of Sabisu, you will see a list of any available processes that you have visibility of.

From here you can enter any existing Process that you are able to see, or create a new one.


Upon selecting to create a new Process, you will see an empty page with a single row accessible, as shown below.

FlowForUser - Create


The Actions created in this lane are your top-level Actions for the process, the very first things that must be done. These Actions cannot be restricted by a trigger, and will be created the moment that this process is started.

In order to have an Action start from the completion of another, you must start using the second lane.

FlowForUser - Trigger


Actions created in the second lane are able to have a trigger Action bound to them. This allows you to only kick off that Action when the previously select Action(s) are completed.

This mechanism can be expanded on infinitely, simply select the ‘Add Step’ button to create another lane.


How to start a Flow Process

Once you have finished creating your process, and you’re ready to kick it off, simply head back to the main page (by clicking “Back to overview” in the top-left) or reload Processes to the main page. From this main page, find your newly created Flow and click the run button on the far right.

FlowForUser - Start

Upon clicking this button, you will see some Sabisu Feedback informing you that the process has begun. From this point, all of the first-lane tasks will be created and assigned to the relevant users.

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