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Release Notes 23/07/2018


  • #7989 – We’ve added the ability to import data into a Workflow application. This is the 5th screen, and asks for an excel file to import.
  • #7985 – A new default empty page has been added to Sabisu to help users navigate to the self-service parts of the platform, such as Pipelines and Workflows.
  • #7938 – You can now select Treenodesinto Workflow tables and also into your actual form through form settings.
  • #8153 – We’ve added a Card View to the KPI management screen to help navigate KPIs
  • #8086 – We’ve added a new SDO called Retrieve from Sabisu KPIs, which allows you to pull your KPI data into a pipeline.
  • #8099 – We’ve added a new checkbox to the Widget Builder which allows us to disable the widget caching for specific widgets. This is most useful on highly dynamic widgets, such as the Flow application.
  • #8120 – The Close button in the top right of Sabisu has been changed to now be Back To Dashboard
  • #8107 – We now display names for assigned users against actions within Workflow applications if there is only 1 assigned user
  • #8108 – We’ve added a new button above the dropdown and radio button entry textboxes in the Workflow builder that lets you quickly sort the items within the list alphabetically

Bug Fixes

  • #8151 – We’ve fixed an issue where Data Capture would not load correctly in MicroSoft Edge inside of Sabisu Actions.
  • #8168 – We’ve made improvements to our Push mechanism to alleviate some performance issues on our server.