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Sabisu Licensing Terms & Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to all Sabisu implementations; SaaS, on-premise Sabisu Stack implementations, Bridge and Go.

Everyone using Sabisu does so under our ‘cloud terms of service’.

Every user has access to Sabisu Cloud services and every deployment uses them to some degree.

Cloud Terms of Services

Every end-user who uses Sabisu does so under our End-User License Agreement.

End-User License Agreement

Please refer to our Privacy and Security Policy for more information regarding our collection and processing of your personal data.

If you operate a Sabisu server on-premise (i.e., within your corporate network) you’re subscribing to the On-Premise License Agreement attached below.

This applies to Sabisu Stack (on-premise) server, Sabisu Bridge or Sabisu Appliances.

On Premise Server License Agreement