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Tag: Actions

How To: Use Sabisu Flow

What is Sabisu Flow? Sabisu Flow is a tool within Sabisu that allows the user to create a set of Actions that must be completed in a certain order. Collectively these are known as a process, and any process can be run an infinite number of times Sabisu Flow can . . . Read more

An introduction to Sabisu Actions

Watch the video below for a step by step guide: What are Sabisu Actions Sabisu Actions are available both on the platform and on mobile devices and aim to reduce the workload involved in getting work done. They’re integral to your processes, so anything that makes creating and managing actions easier . . . Read more

How To: Create an Action

What can you do with Sabisu Actions? Assign an action to a person or a community Upload Files Schedule the action to start in the future or repeat on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis Edit an action Comment on an action to provide an update How do I . . . Read more


Displays actions Builder Builder Name The name to show for this component inside of the Builder. Builder Description The description of this component. Operational Name The identifier to use when interacting with this subcomponent (in $WidgetValue, for example). Example “myComponent” would allow this sub-component to be accessed from within the . . . Read more