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Tag: analytics

Time Series Forecasting

The Time Series Forecasting analytic gives a projection of future behaviour for each series in a chart. Simply add the analytic through Widget Working View and enable it to see the projection including upper and lower bounds. The image above shows the output of the analytic for a typical chart. . . . Read more

Feature Identification

Machine Learning identifies features more reliably than other methods with fewer false positives/negatives; ideal when trying to find recurring behaviour which needs early action, e.g., asset failures, golden batches, repeated maintenance, non-conformances. Feature identification is available in Sabisu through Events, and can be used to both find historical occurrences of . . . Read more

Event Interrogation & Batch Analysis

Sabisu Events are a great way to mark sections of data that are of interest. This could be a one-off occurrence, or a repeated feature such as a specific type of batch. Events can be marked manually in a chart or automatically using either Pipelines. Marking Events Manually Triggering Events from . . . Read more

Seion – An introduction to concepts and usage

  Introduction Seion is Sabisu’s statistical alarm management optimisation software. It uses the past behaviour of the alarm management system to identify redundancies that can be eliminated to reduce the alarm load on the operators. Seion provides a textual representation of the results, as well as various graphical representations to . . . Read more

What is Sabisu?

Sabisu is the world’s first and only digital workspace for energy & advanced manufacturing companies. Sabisu has been designed alongside key contacts, consultants and foundation customers from the oil & gas, petrochemicals and chemicals manufacturing sectors. Sabisu integrates teams, data and processes into a highly automated digital flow of work . . . Read more