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Tag: How To

How To: Widget Builder

How Builder Is Used The Sabisu Builder is an object oriented integrated development environment designed for developers to configure & create applications or components quickly. Builder supports the most common development arrangements: In-house developers producing solutions for in-house customers Third party developers embedded within a customer producing solutions for that . . . Read more

Creating a Pipeline using process historian data

Creating a Pipeline using process historian data such as IP.21 or PI is very easy. From your existing or new Pipeline, simply select the ‘+’ in the Data lane and select the Sabisu Data Object for your historian server. This will allow you to choose tags or calculations from your . . . Read more

Go ODBC Configuration for Process Historians

Sabisu Go is a small application that allows you to quickly and easily integrate any and all of your data into Sabisu reports and analytics. You can download it here. Go integrates data from any ODBC data source and has a native MS Excel Add-in which is installed automatically. Both these . . . Read more

How To: Find a Commmunity

To find a community in Sabisu navigate to the community hub using the tab menu in the top left corner of Sabisu. Once there you can either scroll through to find the community you are looking for or you can search for a community. If you’re not yet a member . . . Read more

How To: Create an Action

What can you do with Sabisu Actions? Assign an action to a person or a community Upload Files Schedule the action to start in the future or repeat on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis Edit an action Comment on an action to provide an update How do I . . . Read more

How To: Find a Page

If you can’t remember which Workplace a Page was on you can easily search for it in one of 2 ways: 1. Click on the workplace and go to pages, then search for the name of the page you’re looking for. 2. Click the magnifying glass in the header bar and . . . Read more

How To: Create a Note

Notes are there for everyone who wants to share commentary or narrative to emphasise, explain or assist another user. For example, you may wish to annotate a project report showing a large change with an explanation as to a changed reporting process, baseline or cost estimate. Technicians viewing process data may benefit . . . Read more

How To: Join a community

To join a community you are not yet a member of you can search for it in the Community Portal and then send a joining request, watch the video below to see how to do this. Your request will then be sent through to the admin for approval.