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Tag: Release Notes

Release Notes – 04th October 2021

Features/Improvements AEI-1260 – Failed Login Audit Logs. Users can view their login history showing details of each login. AEI-1249 – Session Timeouts​. Users are prompted when their session is due to expire with an option available to extend their session. AEI-1247 – List of active sessions. Users can view their . . . Read more

Release Notes – 09th September 2021

Features/Improvements AEI-148 – Upgraded AEI Stack to .NET Framework 4.7.2 Defect Remediation AEI-1156 – Resolved issue with potential AEI Stack crashing due to excess database connections.

Release Notes – 23rd August 2021

Features/Improvements AEI-1295 – Optimised workflow reporting which improves performance of reporthing through pipelines and using a workflow. AEI-925 – Added integration to Workflows to enable writing of data from a record to an external data source using Data Objects. AEI-977 – Added column sorting capability to pipelines. Defect Remediation AEI-1262 . . . Read more

Release Notes – 05th July 2021

Features/Improvements AEI-852 – Added the option to toggle whether a chart has its data downsampled, by default this is enabled.  AEI-103 – User accounts that log in using external authentication systems (Windows AD/SSO) are now unable to edit their basic profile details  Defect Remediation AEI-917 – Fixed data objects being overwritten . . . Read more

Release Notes – 07th June 2021

Features/Improvements AEI-242 – Added versioning of records to Workflows which enables workflow creators to make modifications to their existing workflow record in the builder without the changes being deployed to all users. When the new version is ready it can be published to all users. Versioning comes with change tracking . . . Read more

Release Notes – 23rd April 2021

Defect Remediation AEI-812 – Updated table Excel export feature to support Russian characters  AEI-832 – Resolved an issue with FN links from a dashboard visualisation depending on a table which could be broken if the column was renamed .

Release Notes – 06th April 2021

Defect Remediation AEI-406 – Improved localisation and number formatting in pipelines and visualisations. AEI-752 – Resolved an issue with tables being filtered by data from another table widget not working.

Release Notes – 29th March 2021

Features/Improvements AEI-556 – A new calendar based visualisation is available in pipeline builder allowing users to visualise their data better for scenarios such as jetty management, tank management and many other operational based scenarios. AEI-753 – Widgets connected to widgets on other pages now update when the configuration of the . . . Read more

Release Notes – 23rd March 2021

Features/Improvements AEI-123 – Connect a Pipeline to a Workflow. A new option is available in Workflows named Data Connections. This allows a user to connect a Pipeline to their Workflow and connect the data in the Pipeline to fields in the Workflow. This means a user can bring data directly . . . Read more

Release Notes – 15th March 2021

Features/Improvements AEI-204 – Added support for parsing a single JSON object when using the WebAPI data object type. Defect Remediation AEI-573 – KPI configuration loading when no data is returned from the acquisition. AEI-507 – Pipeline date filter applies correct date when filtering data columns. AEI-209 – Column chart displays . . . Read more