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Tag: Sabisu Go

Go ODBC Configuration for Process Historians

Sabisu Go is a small application that allows you to quickly and easily integrate any and all of your data into Sabisu reports and analytics. You can download it here. Go integrates data from any ODBC data source and has a native MS Excel Add-in which is installed automatically. Both these . . . Read more

How To: Install Sabisu Functions

Open up Microsoft Excel Open a blank excel file Press the File option in the top left of Excel Select the Options menu item on the left Navigate to Add-Ins Press the Go button at the bottom of the window Press the Browse button on the right of the Add-Ins . . . Read more

How To: Use Sabisu Go

Welcome to the one stop shop for Sabisu Go, here you you learn how to use Sabisu Go as well as find links to other useful Go posts. To download Sabisu Go navigate to www.sabisu.co/go  and follow our simple steps to install it on your PC. Once you’re logged in you can immediately begin . . . Read more

Publication Versioning

Overview Publication Versioning allows you to upload a new version of a file, updating all data contained, whilst still retaining access to the previous versions of the file. This allows you to rollback to a certain point in time and view the data from that date. Versioning When a new . . . Read more


Builder Builder Name The name to show for this component inside of the Builder. Builder Description The description of this component. Cosmetic Style HTML style to be applied to the image. Data Host The host that this sub-component gets its data from. If left blank then the premise server that . . . Read more