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Tag: Widgets

How to: Use Pages and Widgets

What are Insights Pages A Page is a place where you can build up and create your own dashboard using widgets and notes, which can then be shared out with a Community for others to collaborate and view. There are two types of pages in the Insights Platform: Personal Page . . . Read more


Communities Community Pages are an important part of the Workplace. To understand them it is necessary to understand the nature of Communities within Sabisu. ‘Communities’ are self-organising groups of users, typically managed by end-users (though centralized administration is also possible) and are usually created in response to a new business . . . Read more


Creates a simple IFrame on the widget, pointing to the given URL. Builder Builder Name The name to show for this component inside of the Builder. Builder Description The description of this component. Cosmetic Style HTML style to be applied to the image. Width The width of this sub-component in . . . Read more